Drake ran for 535 yards and four touchdowns on 120

Gore led Miami in rushing with 722 yards on 156 carries last season, even though he missed the final two games. Drake ran for 535 yards and four touchdowns on 120 carries in 2018, when he also caught 53 passes for 477 yards and five touchdowns. His nine touchdowns were three more than any other Miami player scored last season..

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He knew his children needed a mother, and he a mistress to manage his household, so he quickly married again to a widow seven years his senior, Alice Middleton. It, too, was a happy marriage, marked by mutual affection and deep friendship. In an age when a man could legally beat his wife, with a “stick no wider than his thumb,” he was a tender and respectful husband.

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The 3.0 liter turbodiesel V 6 was introduced late in the 2018 model, so practically speaking it’s a 2019. It costs $4,000 and has limited appeal, since Ford’s V 6 engines are so good. It tries to be almost everything to almost everybody, with its variety of powertrains, cabins and beds, and we must say it succeeds.

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