How to Feed Squirrels

Go to a nearby store that sales organic non-genetically modified organism food for squirrels, or order the food online from a reputable company. For family time encourage everyone to come up with some new ideas how to feed the squirrels. It is a good experience for everyone to learn about squirrels and other small animals to be able to help them out and live in harmony. It is best for squirrels find their own shelled nuts and use their claws and teeth to open the nuts. We want to help the squirrels, but not to the point where they forget how to live off the land. If you see a squirrel who looks malnourished then go ahead and feed the squirrel some natural nuts from the store with the shell still on to help the squirrel with their gnawing. Once the squirrel starts to look and feel better, start reducing the amount of shelled nuts you are giving the squirrel.

Organic is the best

Squirrels enjoy all kinds of food that is grown naturally or from organic gardens. When bulb flowers have finished growing squirrels will dig up the bulb out of the soil and eat it. Squirrels will eat corn hanging from a tree, which is not a good source of food to put out during the winter time. Squirrels should be eating their vegetables, so by reducing the shelled nuts and eliminating the corn completely, and putting out broccoli, squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, peas, apples and grapes the squirrels will fill up on these foods and receive the proper nutrition then bring the shelled nuts out as a special treat, and to encourage the use of gnawing for the squirrel.

Squirrels just like people when they eat only one type of food over a long period of time will lose the nutritional value from that food. People eat a variety of food to keep healthy and that is exactly what squirrels need to do too. Best thing to know when feeding squirrels is to keep peanuts and corn away from them. Instead introduce the fruits and vegetables first, then the shelled nuts to give the squirrels the opportunity to open up the shelled nuts, teaching the squirrels to continue acting like a squirrel.