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Ways to get rid of Carpenter Bees:

Carpenter bees are best treated by offering softer woods as a token of sacrifice. Offering a small pile of soft wood will likely cause the bees to prefer its type and attack it instead of your home or business structure. Carpenter Bees can be a real problem without the help of BeesNThings.

Fire Ants the meanest ant in the world:

fire antsFire ants have become an epidemic in the United States and many other countries. The fire ant is capable of inflicting painful stings to its quarry Often the fire ant is responsible for killing fowl and livestock on farms. Fire ants are very aggressive and show no fear when attacking a very large host. The mounds and nests of these insects are often well concealed under rocks or concrete. The ants are often encountered by humans who have the unfortunate event of coming into contact with a nest. Multiple stings can be deadly to pets, children, and adults.

How to get rid of Fire Ants:

Hot boiling water poured directly on the fire ants nest can be effective if done right after a rain. Fire Ants like to live near the surface after rains and any moisture that affects their mound. Another environmentally friendly idea is to introduce a culture of Nematodes a small worm-like larvae that kills fire ants. A fire ant epidemic infestation can be hard to alleviate often professionals are needed.