Familiar Pests That You May Recognize and Want to Exterminate

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Common Pests that Invade residences and businesses:

Cockroaches are one of the most famous pests. Cockroaches have long been known for their ability to withstand almost any type of insecticide used on them. The ability to withstand comes from the cockroaches’ ability to breed rapidly and reproduce. When a Cockroach (Roach) becomes a pest it is often attacked by the use of insecticides or carpenter bee traps. The insecticides work on the roach but not on its offspring that is in egg gestation. The results are that the roach that eats the poison dies but the eggs it left behind lives. The cycle of life continues. Another factor is that the roach becomes immune from the poisons left to fight the infestation. Immunity comes in the form of breeding of generations of roaches that are less and less affected by the poisons used against them. In some cases, the poisons have actually become a food source for the roaches. Cockroaches feces built up are often responsible for respiratory infections in the home they invade. The built-up feces causes bacteria that are dangerous and infectious.

Ways to get rid of Roaches:

Roaches can be gotten rid of by using environmentally friendly pesticides such as Borax and sugar mixed into a paste. The Roaches consume the paste which wrecks their innards and also damages their exoskeleton Another remedy is the use of Datanecious Earth. Diatanatus Earth gets into the roaches’ skeletal joints and effectively cuts them apart.

Carpenter Bees a real menace to wood:

carpenter beesCarpenter bees are famous for their ability to bore holes into wood. The holes become unsightly and destroy the value of the structure they attack. In some rare cases, there have been incidences where carpenter bees have caused structure defects in buildings and homes. The bee actually is only capable of stinging if it is a female. Carpenter bees are very inquisitive and like to examine any movement that comes their way. Carpenter bees are one of the most passive bees when it comes to attacking. The males usually are the ones that we are being swarmed and examined. The females never really come out for contact with people or animals. The female, however, is very capable of stinging. It would take a lot to get a female carpenter bee to sting. Carpenter bees do not die after stinging a host. The purpose of the bore holes that the carpenter bees make is to provide food and shelter. The holes are often ½ inch in diameter. These holes in a combination have every potential of causing a building to collapse.